Occasionally it feels like the visits of your pet groomer just aren’t enough. Regrettably, your dog’s fur just never stops

growing and while a professional groomer is able to keep it maintained and manageable, it can be difficult, as well as expansive if you are going to the groomer regularly. Its a good idea to start doing some of your own grooming to keep your dog’s appearance under control between grooming sessions.

Combing or Brushing your dog frequently will remove loose/dead hair, dead skin and give out the oils from their skin throughout their hair.

Daily brushing is significant for dogs with long hair as their coats will be more matted and tangled.

Focus on the armpits, ears and the back of their legs. If your pet has smaller hair, you don’t need to brush daily but it will help with hair and dander. For long fur, use a pin brush, wide tooth comb and a dematting brushing to keep your dog fluffy and without tangles. For smaller coats use a rubber brush to keep their fur smooth. Along with combing and brushing, bathing is important. So depending on how often they are going to the groomer, you may have to do bath and grooming. Obviously if they get get dirty, they may require more baths and grooming.

Use an appropriate dog shampoo with balanced pH and no sulphate. Double rinse the coat to ensure all the shampoo is removed from fur and skin. You can let your dog air dry in a warm place or you can blow dry their hair using the minimum heat temperature. We know that it’s hard to spare time to groom your pet, especially those who need high maintenance, but don’t worry.

HappyPet Grooming Service is experienced in all aspects of grooming and can provide the state of the art grooming service at your door step that best fits your dog’s or cat’s needs. With many years of experience, we can maintain your pet’s look, beauty and make them happy and feeling great, whether it is a full complete grooming session or just a simple bath and brush. If you would like more information about our grooming service, please contact us at out hotline number +92-317-22-77-223 or email us info@happypet.live or make and online appointment Click Here

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