Here are few benefits of getting pet grooming service at home

  1. To Save the time and money by keeping away from traveling to a pet store or grooming salon and then having to pick it up again, payout for fuel, resources and unnecessary time.
  2. Your dog or cat will not be locked in a cage for stand by for their turn, instead from the moment we arrive at your home all our staff and equipment will be available for your pet grooming without losing any time, and interruption of other pets and clients we will be there specifically for your canine or feline friends.
  3. Grooming at your doorstep will also prevent to your pet from other infection may be carried out from outside.
  4. Your pet is also feel comfortable at their own environment.
  5. We are able to reach any place and anywhere you need within the Lahore (Pakistan) and Islamabad, whether is your home, office, etc. If your dog could use a trim and you don’t want to take chances doing it yourself, call HappyPet Grooming Service in Lahore, Pakistan, at 0317-2277223 to make an online appointment today.
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