Brushing, Combing & Detangling

Brushing and combing the pet’s fur doesn't just improve the appearance, but helps keep our pet healthy. Brushing fends off painful hair mats, and it removes dirt and detritus. It also give out natural oils that help keep the pet’s coat fresh and healthy.

HappyPet using variety of world's recommended brushes, combs and other dematting tools. Followings will be done as per requirement

  • Slicker Brushing
  • Pin Brushing
  • Steel Combing
  • Detangling
  • Paws Cleaning

Whether your dog is requires complete grooming such as bath, brushing and combing, and nail trim, our full-service options are perfect for you. Rates are vary based on the category of the dog and the total time involved in the services requested. Please take a look below for more information on rate before booking your appointment for your pet. Click Here for Rate & Pricing

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