Clipping, trimming and shave the Fur

Clipping, trimming and shave the fur is depends of different breed of canine or feline. However, fur condition and category also matters what is required at the time of trimming or clipping. A clipping of fur by using world famous Andis detachable clippers with internationally recommended A5 blade series in ceramic and steel.  Followings are covered in hair trim

  • Pre Grooming Assessment
  • General body trim or shave
  • Paws cleaning
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Brushing & Combing
  • Service Report & Groomers Recommendation

Whether your dog is requires complete grooming such as bath, brushing and combing, and nail trim, our full-service options are perfect for you. Rates are vary based on the category of the dog and the total time involved in the services requested. Please take a look below for more information on rate before booking your appointment for your pet. Click Here for Rate & Pricing

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