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Our pet’s are family and we want to keep them clean, healthy and happy. Thats’s why we formulated this shampoo which is tested on 200 + dogs and cats and is safe for use on Pet’s of all ages, sizes and breeds. This specially developed scented formula safely and effectively cleans and deodorizes our canine and feline friend’s furry coat and s kin. This gentle combination of ingredients works efficiently and quickly, leaving softer, smoother and shiny coat. Eliminates Pet odour and balanced pH relieves itchy, dry skin and soothes sensitive skin.

HappyPet Groomer’s Best conditioning shampoo with Pomegranate extract for dogs throughly cleans and leaves coat silky and shiny with baby fresh fragrances Panthenol detangles, adds shine and moisturizes skin and coat.


Directions for shampooing:

1. Brushout the coat/fur

2. Saturate coat with lukewarm water and massage a small amount of shampoo into the pet coat.

3. Avoid getting shampoo into the dog’s ear and eye.

4. Rinse coat with lukewarm water

5. Towel dry and gently brush the coat

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